Author: miriam

Real Talk: October 2018 – A Fully Funded Emergency Fund

I finally have a true and fully funded emergency fund! I don’t just have cash around that is meant for other purposes. No, this account is a chunk of change equivalent to 3 months worth of expenses for me. It is in a high yield savings account earning 1.85% and I still have other money in different accounts for achieving different goals. I have $5,100 in cash just in case. I am very happy about this!

Considerations for the New Investor

Now if I have to pay a 1% fee, every single year, my return would drop to 7% and my portfolio grows to merely $354,992. That’s not a terrible portfolio size, but I’ve lost $91,693 to fees! I don’t know about you, but $91,693 is a lot of money to use and I could find lots of ways to spend that money in retirement. In college I traveled to Italy for 2 weeks on about $3,000. $91,693 is about 30 trips to Europe I could take.