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Real Talk: October 2018 – A Fully Funded Emergency Fund

I finally have a true and fully funded emergency fund! I don’t just have cash around that is meant for other purposes. No, this account is a chunk of change equivalent to 3 months worth of expenses for me. It is in a high yield savings account earning 1.85% and I still have other money in different accounts for achieving different goals. I have $5,100 in cash just in case. I am very happy about this!

Senior Project: This Is Your Life

Good Monday Morning! For today’s Math Talk Monday, I am going to do something slightly different but equally helpful from a project based learning stand point. I am going to publish only the directions for a final product and let you decide as the teacher what you would need to teach to help your students…

Teaching Students about the Psychology of Money

Good Monday morning! It’s Math Talk Monday again. Have you ever wondered how your brain actually processes the acts of saving and spending? In my experience, high school students love learning about psychology. They love becoming aware of why they think or act in certain ways. They like knowing how their brains are working. So…