me at my alma mater

Hi there! I am Miriam, the millionaire millennial, hopefully. I am a regular, middle class millennial just trying to figure out this adult thing. I grew up in a midwest town, went to college, and am now working as a teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a (very) long term goal of achieving FIRE (financial independence/retire early); though right now I am developing the pieces of the puzzle to make that dream a reality. I only recently came to believe that retiring early is possible for someone like me, but I have been obsessed with learning about money and refining my management tools for many years.

My journey with money management began when I was a kid, when my dad regularly told me that your house payment or rent should take up just 25% of your take home pay. Upon graduating college, my parents told me I needed to give their car back ASAP and buy my own car. I had secured a job but hadn’t thought about the money that would eventually flow into my life or what to do with it. At that point, I realized I knew nothing about budgeting except that my rent should only be 25% of my take home pay. I began researching vigorously online for what percentage of your pay should be allotted to a car payment. I gathered a lot of advice, one of my favorite tools, and an abundance of more questions about money. Since that time, I have learned an incredible amount about money, insurance, credit, loans and investing.

Throughout my life I have seen friends, family, and significant others amass all kinds of money mistakes. And I have made mistakes. Some of those mistakes have made me feel like an idiot. The goal of my blog is to provide a platform for other millennials to learn about money management, gather tools that work for them, and to be transparent about the real world that we all have to navigate. It is still taboo in many households to talk about money; we need to open up the conversation so more people can access the tools and ideas needed to build a strong foundation. Money isn’t everything, but it’s a big thing. Being able to manage your money and manage it well, is essential to living the life you want to live. Your life is going to be populated with challenges, opportunities, celebrations, and grief. All of the events in your life will impact what you do with money. I believe that knowledge is power. Knowing how to make your money work for you is having the power to live the life you want to live.


More about what I’ve learned from my family…