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Good Monday Morning! School is back in full swing for me, so I’ll be taking a break from posting a Math Talk Monday article. It’s proving difficult already to keep up on posting twice a week and working at an extended day school. I hope to pick it up with a once a month post in the near future. In the mean time, keep looking out for my Finance Friday articles. I have a lot to discuss on general finance for millennials, still. 

For today I am just going to posting a bunch of resources I used in the past when I taught Financial Algebra. I encourage you to use them if you need! 

Topic: Cars
NYT: Your Money Article “How Much Car Do You Buy to Keep Your Teenager Safe?
Bank of America Youtube: The True Cost of a Car
IIHS: SAFE AND AFFORDABLE Updated used vehicle recommendations for teens
Topic: Savings & Budgets
Reality Check
Ted Talk Play List: How To spend your Money
Ted Talk Play List: Talks to watch instead of shopping (on consumerism)
Forbes Article: 7 Financial Skills Every 20-Year-Old Needs To Learn
Forbes Article: 20 things 20-year-olds Don’t Get
Bank of America Video: Easy Ways to Save on Every Day Expenses
NYT Article: Preparing for financial Shocks
Pew Press Release: Pew: State of U.S. Family Balance Sheets Is Precarious
Slideshow: 7 ways you’re wasting money
Video Game: Financial Football
Video Game: Celebrity Calamity
Video Game: Road Trip to Savings
LearnVest: the 50/20/30 Guideline (with examples)
Youtube: 50/30/20 Rule
Student Loan Hero: How Much Of Your Income Should You Actually Spend On Rent? And When Does It Make Sense To Buy?
Cars.com: #FirstTimeBuyers: How Much Should I Spend on My Car?
HuffPost: How Much Income Should Go Towards Repaying Student Loans?
ClearPoint Credit Counseling – Build A Budget Calculator
PDF: Make a budget worksheet
Topic: Linking Psychology and Money
Article: What motivates us at work? More than Money
TedTalk: How to Buy Happiness
TedTalk: How a penny made me feel like a millionaire
Daily Finance Article: Why We Buy: The Psychology of Overspending
Money Crashers Article: The Psychology of Money – How Saving and Spending Habits are Programmed in Your Brain
Slideshow: 6 times we overspend
Nerd Wallet: Credit Cards Make You Spend More
Topic: FAFSA and College Finances
Youtube: Independent or Dependent Status
Youtube: The Q(uestion) Series – basically FAQ’s done as videos
Youtube: FAFSA Series & Types of Aid
Youtube: Myths about Financial Aid
NYT Article: How to approach student loan pay off, as first payments come due
NPR Article: How The Heck Do You Pay Off Your College Loans?
Federal Student Aid Repayment EstimatorSummary of Income Driven Repayment Plans
PDF: Quick facts about student debt
PDF: Fed Loan Terms 2015-2016
PDF: Private Loans: Facts and Trends
PDF: Do you need federal student aid?
PDF: Avoid Financial Aid Fraud
Topic: Credit
Bank of America Video: When to use credit vs. debit
Bank of America Video: Is buying a home right for you?
Bank of America Video: How do I build credit from scratch?
Bank of America Video: Secured vs. Unsecured Credit
NYT Article: The Costly Conditions of Zero-Interest Credit Cards
NerdWallet: 11 Things You Should Know Before You Get Your First Credit Card
Forbes: Credit Card Basics: Everything You Should Know
Credit Karma: The Do’s and Don’ts of getting a New Credit CardCredit Karma Credit Card Review Page (rankings)
Investopidia: 10 reasons to use your credit card
PenFed Blog: 5 reasons you should get a credit card
Credit.com: 6 Times You Should Use a Credit Card Instead of a Debit Card
Topic: Types of Loans
CNN: 10 steps to buying a home
Zillow: The Home Buying Process
Dummies: Comparing Leasing to Buying (car)
Capital One: Understanding Loans and Lending
Capital One: Auto Loans
Topic: Taxes
TaxAct: How Tax Brackets Work
LearnVest: Tax Brackets Explained
IRS PDF: W2 BlankW2 Example1040-EZ 2015 PDF & InstructionsW4 Form (the one that you fill out for work)
IRS: Ways to Offset Education Costs
Federal Student Aid: Tax Benefits
H&R Block: 10 Ways getting married affects your taxes
Turbotax: 7 Tax Advantages of Getting Married
Tax Prep Websites: TurboTax  H&R Block

Topic: Equity Connections
NPR article: Push For $15 Minimum Wage Becoming Part Of Presidential Politics
Ted Talk: Poverty, Money and Love 18 minutes
Ted Talk: How equal do we want the world to be? 9 min
Ted Talk: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies 17 min
NPR stories on Pay Day Loans
Wiki page on Pay day Loans
Youtube: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Predatory Lending
Lyrics: Mo money mo problemsNotorious B.I.G.
Lyrics: Eat the Rich Aerosmith
Lyrics: Taxman The Beatles
Lyrics: Money Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon
Lyrics: Whitey on the moon
Lyrics: Crime to be broke in America
Lyrics: Money Money Money
New York Post: How pro athletes go broke
Forbes: 5 Reasons Why 80% Of Retired NFL Players Go Broke
CBS News: Why athletes go broke: The myth of the dumb jock
NYT: Debt and the Racial Wealth Gap

Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs 21 min

Why we need to rethink capitalism 10 min

Khan Academy Courses & Videos
Khan Academy: Finance and Capital Markets Course
Khan Academy: Macro > Inflation: Measuring the cost of living > Inflation
Khan Academy: Interviews with Entrepreneurs
Idea: have students choose one entrepreneur to watch. Research their company.

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